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Paver Cleaning

Refresh old pavers with our effective and reliable professional paver cleaning.

Are the pavers around your home or business looking a bit worse for wear? Maybe your patio has a big stain where you spilled that bottle of red wine last summer, or maybe your garden path has grown some algae or mildew in the shady spots.

Good News: You Don’t Have to Tear Up Your Pavers

We Can Restore Them with Professional Paver Cleaning

Fuller Paver Sealing is dedicated to helping you keep your pavers looking their best. After decades of experience in the restoration business, we know exactly how to tackle all kinds of paver problems, from oil stains to ground-in dirt to algae and mildew.

Unlike your average cleaning company, we specialize in pavers. This means you can trust us to use the correct products and techniques to provide a thorough cleaning without damaging your pavers. To make the effects of the cleaning last as long as possible, we recommend protecting your newly cleaned pavers with a quality sealant. We often bundle paver cleaning and paver sealing services together for our clients.

Our Paver Cleaning Protocol

Fuller Paver Cleaning’s founder, Larry Fuller, has developed a special process specifically for cleaning pavers:

  • Pre-treat stained areas with specialty compounds
  • Pressure clean the entire surface with a +/- 3300 pound per pressure cleaner
  • Pressure cleaner will remove all existing sand, dirt and weeds
  • Once area is dry and there is little to no chance of rain, re-sand the entire surface with fine silica sand
  • Broom sand into joints
  • With blower, blow off all excess sand not in joints
  • Apply sealer with a pump to ensure evenness and prevent sand from going over pavers
  • Let dry for 24 hours before going with vehicular traffic

Ready to Make Your Pavers Look Like New?

Remember, paver cleaning is not a DIY job. You could easily make mistakes that could damage your pavers, such as setting your pressure washer too high or using the wrong cleaning products. Why risk it when you can count on Fuller Paver Sealing for effective professional paver cleaning and reliable results every time? To learn more about our services, request a free quote, or schedule service, please contact us at 310-944-9099 now.

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