Paver Sealing in Westchester CA

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Professional Paver Sealing in Westchester CA

Your home could be more beautiful – and it could be easier than you think. No matter how clean you get your pavers, if you do not invest in paver sealing in Westchester CA, they are not going to stay clean for long. This is a service that pays for itself in improved curb appeal and the joy of driving up to a home with clean, beautiful pavers.

You Will Enjoy Many Benefits When from Paver Sealing in Westchester CA

There is a long list of benefits to sealing your pavers. Not only will they look great today, but they will stay cleaner longer and be easier to clean. When you seal your pavers, their water absorbency levels are reduced, which helps prevent staining. The sealant helps protect against UV light, which reduces fading. The smaller pores that result from sealing also mean that your pavers will be easier to clean.

When’s the Right time to Seal Your Pavers? Right Now

There is no reason to wait to invest in paver sealing in Westchester CA. The bottom line is that every day they are not sealed, you are risking wear and tear. You are risking UV rays causing them to fade. You are living with pavers that are getting dirtier every day, whether you can see it or not. We recommend you have your pavers cleaned and then, as soon as they have dried, have them sealed.

DIY Paver Sealing in Westchester CA Can Cost More Than Hiring the Professionals

Believe it or not, if you buy one of the DIY paver sealing kits, you could end up spending more than if you had hired the professionals at Fuller Paver Sealing. First, you will need tools and materials you do not have. These may be tools you use once and are essentially a useless expense.

Second, you will not have the necessary information to choose the right sealer. It may seem simple, but based on the age, type, and condition of pavers you have, we will adjust the sealer we use. Before we even apply it, we use our commercial pressure washing equipment to get the pavers completely clean so that the sealer will adhere. Finally, the DIY kits are generally not renewable kits, which means when you want to reseal it, you will first have to remove the old sealant. This is not the case with our products – you can seal over them.

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