Brick Paver Restoration in Santa Ana CA

Rediscover the beauty of your outdoor surfaces with brick paver restoration in Santa Ana CA

Don’t let dirty, overgrown brick pavers drag down the appearance of your whole property. Instead, simply call Fuller Paver Sealing for help. We specialize in brick paver restoration in Santa Ana CA, including all the services needed to transform your bricks from dull to dazzling. We guarantee the quality of our work 100 percent.

We Fix Your Paver Problems

With brick paver restoration in Santa Ana CA, we can correct many common problems that crop up on older brick areas, such as:

Dirty Pavers: Removing dirt and grime is of course a key part of brick paver restoration in Santa Ana CA. We use pressure washers to clean away surface dirt as well as specially formulated compounds to lift stains without damaging your brick pavers.

Overgrown Pavers: Over time, weeds or mosses can take root in the joints between your pavers. When providing brick paver restoration in Santa Ana CA, we remove these unwanted invaders as well as the old sand from the paver joints. Then, we broom in new sand and blow off any excess to leave the joints neatly filled.

Dull Pavers: Do your brick pavers have a dry, washed-out look with very little color? Sealing your pavers can provide color enhancement and make your driveway, patio, or path look like a whole new surface.

More Reasons to Seal Your Pavers

Paver sealing is actually a very important part of any brick paver restoration in Santa Ana CA. The reason is, paver sealing will prolong the life of the restoration work. It will help keep pavers cleaner and also ensure the sand stays neatly in place in the joints. Sealing makes pavers more resistant to absorbing water, oil, and chemicals, which means less risk of staining. Sealed pavers are also less prone to collecting dust and dirt in their pores. Applying a sealant also provides protection against abrasion, since the sealant will wear away before the surface of the brick.

Whether you want to seal for color enhancement or prefer an invisible sealant for protection, we can help you pick the right product. We use a pump to apply sealer to make sure you get even coverage and a good bond.

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