Paver Cleaning in Newport Coast CA

Refresh your driveway, path, or patio with professional paver cleaning in Newport Coast CA

Paver CleaningDirty pavers can do real damage to the curb appeal of any home or business property. Fortunately, you don’t have to undertake a huge remodeling project to get a fresh new look. Instead, all you have to do is contact Fuller Paver Sealing and schedule a professional paver cleaning in Newport Coast CA. We use only the best quality products and techniques to deliver dramatic results every time. We can remove ground in dirt, stains, algae, mildew, and more.

Our Paver Cleaning Protocol Makes the Difference

The reason Fuller Paver Sealing succeeds where DIY methods and other cleaning companies fail is we have a time-tested protocol for paver cleaning in Newport Coast CA based on years of experience. As part of our service, we provide:

  • Surface Cleaning: We will begin your paver cleaning in Newport Coast CA by identifying any stained areas and pre-treating them with an appropriate compound. Then, we clean the entire surface with our professional pressure washing equipment. Our technicians know how to select the correct temperature and pressure that will deliver maximum cleaning power without damaging your pavers.
  • Joint Cleaning: In addition to cleaning the surface of your pavers, pressure washing will also clean out the joints, removing all sand, dirt, and weeds. After the pavers dry, we will re-sand the entire surface with fine silica sand, carefully brooming it into every joint.
  • Paver Sealing: We encourage all clients to get paver sealing after their paver cleaning in Newport Coast CA, because this helps extend the benefits of the cleaning. Once pavers are sealed, they become less absorbent. This protects against stains. Sealing also creates a smoother surface that is easier to keep free of dirt. We apply sealant with a pump to make sure the sand stays in the joints during the sealing process.

We offer a one year quality guarantee on both paver cleaning and paver sealing, so you can rest assured you will be satisfied with our work.

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For more information on paver cleaning in Newport Coast CA, you can contact Fuller Paver Sealing at 310-944-9099. We will give you a free quote over the phone. If you like what you hear, you can schedule your project and typically receive service within 2 weeks or less.

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