Brick Paver Restoration in Newport Coast CA

Rediscover the beauty of your outdoor surfaces with brick paver restoration in Newport Coast CA

Are tired, old, dirty pavers detracting from the curb appeal and value of your property? Fuller Paver Sealing can help. Our founder, Larry Fuller, has decades of experience in brick care and he has developed a tried and true process for brick paver restoration in Newport Coast CA. We give you peace of mind with a 1 year guarantee on the quality of our work.

We Fix Your Paver Problems

Brick paver restoration in Newport Coast CA can be used to correct a variety of issues that can develop with age:

Dirty Pavers: Removing dirt and grime is of course a key part of brick paver restoration in Newport Coast CA. Our highly trained and experienced crews know the right products to use to lift stains from brick, and we also have professional grade pressure washing equipment to scour away ground-in dirt and mildew.

Overgrown Pavers: Weeds, moss, mold, and mildew can all potentially grow in between your pavers. When providing brick paver restoration in Newport Coast CA, we remove these unwanted invaders as well as the old sand from the paver joints. Then, we broom in new sand and blow off any excess to leave the joints neatly filled.

Dull Pavers: Brick pavers sometimes have a tendency to look dry, dusty, and dull. Sealing your pavers can provide color enhancement and make your driveway, patio, or path look like a whole new surface.

More Reasons to Seal Your Pavers

We actually recommend paver sealing as the final step of every brick paver restoration in Newport Coast CA. Sealing will help protect the investment you’ve just made in restoration by keeping your bricks clean and your joints neatly filled. Sealing makes pavers more resistant to absorbing water, oil, and chemicals, which means less risk of staining. Sealed pavers are also less prone to collecting dust and dirt in their pores. And don’t forget, applying a sealant will also protect your bricks against abrasion damage.

You can rely on Fuller Paver Sealing to recommend the right sealant for your specific needs and goals, whether you are most interested in protection or color enhancement. We know the best techniques for applying sealant to create an even coat and a good bond.

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