Brick Paver Sealing in Long Beach CA

Keep patios, paths, drives, and more looking pristine with brick paver sealing in Long Beach CA

Brick Paver SealingDo you have brick pavers at your home or business property? If you want to maintain your curb appeal, you need to maintain those pavers. Deteriorating brickwork can make the entire property look old and unkempt. The good news is, taking care of your brick pavers is easy with professional brick paver sealing in Long Beach CA from Fuller Paver Sealing.

Top Benefits of Brick Paver Sealing in Long Beach CA

When you get brick paver sealing in Long Beach CA, you get two important benefits for your brickwork:

  • Protection: Brick paver sealing in Long Beach CA keeps your pavers looking newer longer by protecting them against all the natural forces that would otherwise cause them to look old and dirty. This includes:
  • Water absorption
  • Staining
  • UV damage
  • Fading
  • Abrasion damage
  • Ground-in dirt
  • Enhancement: With some kinds of sealants, the sealing process can beautify your bricks. Some of our products can be used to create a “wet” look that will give your pavers a richer, more saturated color.

Why Choose Fuller Paver Sealing

Fuller Paver Sealing is a true professional in the restoration business, with decades of experience implementing the best procedures for paver sealing. You can trust us to select the best sealant for your application and apply it correctly for durable brick paver sealing in Long Beach CA.

The first step in the brick paver sealing process is cleaning. We use professional pressure washing equipment as well as stain-lifting compounds to get your bricks nice and clean before sealing. Then, we apply a penetrating sealant that will coat the pores of the bricks and create a barrier against dirt and damage. We are careful to use renewable products that can be reapplied without stripping between coats, to make resealing your pavers in the future simple.

Is It Time to Seal Your Brick Pavers?

Whether you need to protect brand new brick pavers, clean and seal old pavers, or reseal previously sealed bricks, Fuller Paver Sealing is here to help. Call us at 310-944-9099 and we’ll be happy to provide a free quote for brick paver sealing in Long Beach CA.

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