Paver Sealing in Lakewood CA

Significantly Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal is as Simple as Investing in Paver Sealing in Lakewood CA

What if you could have a more beautiful home? What if you could drive up to your house every day and feel that your landscaping was beautiful and fresh? Paver sealing in Lakewood CA is one stop toward getting you there. It’s important to clean your pavers but if you don’t also seal them, then you are unlikely to have very good results in the long run. Keep reading to learn more and then contact Fuller Paver Sealing at 310-944-9099 for a free quote.

Enjoy These Benefits of Paver Sealing in Lakewood CA

You will find many benefits when you invest in paver sealing in Lakewood CA. Sealing not only helps them look great today, but it can keep them safe and clean for years to come. For example, staining helps reduce water absorption, which reduces the chance for staining. It protects against the UV damage that causes fading. It can even act as a barrier to prevent abrasion. Finally, you will find that your pavers are easier to keep clean, thanks to the smaller pore size after sealing.

DIY Paver Sealing in Lakewood CA Can Cost More Than Hiring the Professionals

Believe it or not, if you buy one of the DIY paver sealing kits, you could end up spending more than if you had hired the professionals at Fuller Paver Sealing. First, you will need tools and materials you do not have. These may be tools you use once and are essentially a useless expense.

Second, you will not have the necessary information to choose the right sealer. It may seem simple, but based on the age, type, and condition of pavers you have, we will adjust the sealer we use. Before we even apply it, we use our commercial pressure washing equipment to get the pavers completely clean so that the sealer will adhere. Finally, the DIY kits are generally not renewable kits, which means when you want to reseal it, you will first have to remove the old sealant. This is not the case with our products – you can seal over them.

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