Paver Restoration in Lake Forest CA

Find Out What Beauty Lies Under the Grime with Paver Restoration in Lake Forest CA

If you have been living with dirty, grimy pavers, you may assume that it’s time to replace them. The truth is that in many cases Paver restoration in Lake Forest CA is enough to get your pavers looking like brand-new. With our many years of experience, we have removed all manner of stains and grime. Our goal when we work on renovations is to create long-lasting beauty where old decay was before. We welcome you to contact Fuller Paver Sealing at 310-944-9099 if you would like a free quote for paver restoration.

Our 4-Step Cleaning Process Gets the Job Done Right

The first step in the restoration process is getting your pavers clean and ready for sealing. We have established a four-step process to get all the ground-in dirt, debris, oil stains, and other contaminants off your pavers. Those four steps are:

  1. Pre-treating for stains
  2. Professional pressure washing
  3. Joint cleaning
  4. Refilling joints with fine silica sand

We will assess the state of your pavers to determine if additional steps may be needed. You can trust that we will take every step necessary to get your pavers clean.

Paver Sealing Helps Prevent Damage in the Future

One of the biggest benefits of paver restoration in Lake Forest CA is improving the look of your pavers today. However, this is not the only benefit – you will also help to ensure they are beautiful for years to come. That is, if you decide to include sealing in your restoration process. This can help your pavers last longer by:

  • Minimizing water absorption and staining
  • Protecting against UV damage and fading
  • Reducing abrasion damage
  • Making pavers easier to clean

We strongly recommend paver sealing as part of any paver restoration in Lake Forest CA.

You Have Found a Company to Provide Comprehensive, Professional Paver Restoration in Lake Forest CA

You do not want to hire an inexperienced company to provide paver restoration in Lake Forest CA. Not only will they not likely do the best job, but you may find that they leave trash and debris behind. When you work with the professionals at Fuller Paver Sealing, you can count on us to treat your property like it is our own. We show up on time, clean up after yourselves, and leave your house looking better than before we came.

If you are ready to learn more about your options, we welcome you to contact Fuller Paver Sealing at 310-944-9099. We can answer your questions, provide a free quote, and get you started on your way toward the look of brand-new pavers for much less.

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