Brick Paver Cleaning in Lake Forest CA

Replacement Isn’t the Only Option: Learn About the Advantages of Brick Paver Cleaning in Lake Forest CA

Do you remember when your pavers were brand new and looked stunning? Do you remember when they looked freshy installed and you loved driving up to your home? Do you own a home with older pavers that you cannot imagine ever having been new? Whatever your situation is, if you are considering replacing your pavers, we recommend that you first invest in Brick paver cleaning in Lake Forest CA. You may be stunned by the results.

We Have Developed the Optimal Protocol for Brick Paver Cleaning in Lake Forest CA

After many years of experience, you can count on Fuller Paver Sealing to have created a unique and effective method for comprehensive brick paver cleaning in Lake Forest CA. Our goal is twofold: Get your pavers as clean as possible without damaging them. Our protocol to boost cleaning power and minimize damage includes:

  • Using specialty compounds to clean any stained areas.
  • Pressure cleaning the surface to get rid of any weeds, algae, dirt, etc.
  • Re-sanding the surface of the pavers with fine silica sand
  • Brooming sand in the joints
  • Using a blower to get rid of any remaining sand
  • Applying sealer

We have the tools, experience, and equipment to get this job done as quickly and effectively as possible. Call on Fuller Paver Sealing now to get a quote for your cleaning project.

It’s Wise to Seal After Brick Paver Cleaning in Lake Forest CA

It’s certainly not a requirement that you follow brick paver cleaning in Lake Forest CA with sealing, but we highly recommend it. One of the reasons that bricks get dirty in the first place is because they are very porous. These pores are great places for dirt to get trapped, and they absorb moisture that can eventually result in staining.

When you seal your pavers, you reduce the size of the pores – which helps to protect them from stains and dirt. In fact, sealing can also protect your bricks from being damaged by the sun and from abrasion damage. We can also seal your bricks with different sealants that can add color, make your bricks look wet, or otherwise improve their appearance.

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