Paver Sealing in Irvine CA

Protect & preserve the beauty of your pavers with our professional paver sealing in Irvine CA

Looking for information about paver sealing in Irvine CA? Simply contact Fuller Paver Sealing. After many years of experience, we know the best products and techniques to use on different kinds of pavers, and we guarantee the quality of our work.

What Are the Benefits of Paver Sealing?

The main benefit of paver sealing in Irvine CA is that it extends the life of your pavers by protecting them from many kinds of damage:

  • Water absorption/staining
  • UV damage/fading
  • Abrasion damage

Once your pavers are sealed, they will also be easier to keep clean, since dirt won’t be able to penetrate as deeply into the pavers’ pores. Paver sealing is also recommended if you want to enhance the color of your pavers or give them an attractive “wet” look.

When Should I Get Paver Sealing in Irvine CA?

Ideally, you will want to get paver sealing in Irvine CA as soon as your new pavers are installed so that they are protected from the sun and other elements. However, old pavers can also benefit from sealing. When working on old pavers, we provide thorough cleaning and restoration services to get them looking their best before sealing.

The sealants we use a renewable, so they can be reapplied periodically over the years to guarantee continued protection.

Can’t I Seal My Own Pavers?

Just because you see paver sealing products on the shelves at your local home improvement store does not mean you want to tackle this as a DIY project. It is actually in your interests to invest in professional quality paver sealing in Irvine CA.

At Fuller Paver Sealing, we provide expert assistance with all the important steps in your project, starting with choosing the correct product for your needs. Before we begin work, we will clean your pavers with our state of the art pressure washing equipment and be sure to let them dry fully before applying the sealant. Our crews have been sealing pavers for years and we can complete your project in as little as two days.

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