Paver Cleaning in Fullerton CA

Refresh your driveway, path, or patio with professional paver cleaning in Fullerton CA

Paver CleaningHave you tried cleaning your own pavers, will little to no improvement in their appearance? Don’t give up! You can improve the appearance of your pavers almost effortlessly with professional paver cleaning in Fullerton CA from Fuller Paver Sealing. We use only the best quality products and techniques to deliver dramatic results every time. We can remove ground in dirt, stains, algae, mildew, and more.

Our Paver Cleaning Protocol Makes the Difference

At Fuller Paver Sealing, we employ a detailed protocol for paver cleaning in Fullerton CA, as developed by our founder Larry Fuller. This protocol is based on decades of real world experience and includes:

  • Surface Cleaning: As a first step in any paver cleaning in Fullerton CA, we will carefully inspect the pavers to identify any staining that needs attention. We can pre-treat stains using compounds specifically designed for use on pavers. Then, we clean the entire surface with our professional pressure washing equipment. Our technicians know how to select the correct temperature and pressure that will deliver maximum cleaning power without damaging your pavers.
  • Joint Cleaning: Any sand, dirt, or weeds that have accumulated in the joints between your pavers will be removed during the pressure washing. After the pavers dry, we will re-sand the entire surface with fine silica sand, carefully brooming it into every joint.
  • Paver Sealing: We encourage all clients to get paver sealing after their paver cleaning in Fullerton CA, because this helps extend the benefits of the cleaning. Sealing your pavers will not only make them easier to keep clean; it will also protect against damage from stains, abrasion, and UV rays. When sealing pavers, we use a pump to deliver an even coat and keep the sand from getting brushed out of the joints.

You can choose our paver cleaning protocol with confidence because we offer a one year quality guarantee on our work.

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