Brick Paver Cleaning in Fullerton CA

Don’t replace your bricks–refresh them with brick paver cleaning in Fullerton CA

New brick pavers can be a real asset for your property. But as pavers age, they can start to become a liability. In order to get your pavers looking like new again, you probably just need to clean them. With Brick paver cleaning in Fullerton CA, you can scrub away dirt, lift stains, remove algae and mildew, and even get rid of weeds and dirt in paver joints and start loving your pavers again.

Invest in Professional Brick Paver Cleaning in Fullerton CA

Trying to clean brick pavers on your own can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job. Professional brick paver cleaning in Fullerton CA really is the best option.

After many years of experience, Fuller Paver Sealing has emerged as a trusted provider of brick paver cleaning in Fullerton CA. Our crews follow a proven protocol for this activity, developed by our founder Larry Fuller. This protocol involves:

  • Pre-treating stained areas with specialty compounds
  • Pressure cleaning the entire surface to remove dirt, algae, and weeds
  • Re-sanding the entire surface with fine silica sand
  • Brooming sand into the joints
  • Using a blower to remove all excess sand
  • Applying sealer with a pump

With our talented crews on the job, you can rest assured you will receive a thorough cleaning. We never damage your property or leave a mess behind after finishing work.

Now You May Wonder…

…Do I Really Need to Seal My Pavers After Cleaning?

We encourage all clients to invest in paver sealing after every brick paver cleaning in Fullerton CA. Bricks are porous, so they are vulnerable to staining from water, oil, and chemicals that may spill on them. The pores can also trap dust and dirt. Sealing will help reduce the size of these pores so your brick pavers stay looking cleaner longer. The sealant will also act as a sacrificial layer to protect the surface of your pavers from abrasion damage. Some sealants also provide UV protection and/or color enhancement.

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