Brick Paver Cleaning in El Segundo CA

Don’t replace your bricks–refresh them with brick paver cleaning in El Segundo CA

Brick pavers look nice and neat when they’re first installed. But often, they can get dingy and dirty and start to negatively affect the look of your entire property. The good news is you don’t necessarily have to replace old, dirty pavers in order to restore the curb appeal of your property. Brick paver cleaning in El Segundo CA can address both the condition of the pavers–by removing surface dirt and stains–and the joints between them–by removing weeds and grime.

Invest in Professional Brick Paver Cleaning in El Segundo CA

Depending on the condition of your brick pavers, you probably won’t be able to clean them effectively on your own. And even if you could, it would take too much of your valuable time. It’s well worth investing in professional brick paver cleaning in El Segundo CA.

At Fuller Paver Sealing, we’ve been cleaning all kinds of messes from pavers for many years. We know the right products and tools to use for brick paver cleaning in El Segundo CA. Our process involves:

  • Pre-treating stained areas with specialty compounds
  • Pressure cleaning the entire surface to remove dirt, algae, and weeds
  • Re-sanding the entire surface with fine silica sand
  • Brooming sand into the joints
  • Using a blower to remove all excess sand
  • Applying sealer with a pump

Because we know the right way to clean, we can achieve the best possible improvement in the appearance of your pavers.

Now You May Wonder…

…Do I Really Need to Seal My Pavers After Cleaning?

Yes, if you want to protect your investment in brick paver cleaning in El Segundo CA, you really should get paver sealing as well. Because bricks are porous, they can easily absorb water, oil, and chemicals that can create stains. Dirt is also prone to getting trapped in the pores. Sealing shrinks the pores in the brick, providing protection against these problems and also making the bricks easier to clean. Plus, paver sealing can also provide protection against abrasion and sun damage and even enhance the color of your pavers, depending on the product chosen.

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