Brick Paver Restoration in Costa Mesa CA

Rediscover the beauty of your outdoor surfaces with brick paver restoration in Costa Mesa CA

Whether you have brick pavers at your commercial or residential property, Fuller Paver Sealing can help keep them looking their best. After many years of experience, we can provide all the services you need for fast and effective brick paver restoration in Costa Mesa CA. We guarantee the quality of our work 100 percent.

We Fix Your Paver Problems

As part of your brick paver restoration in Costa Mesa CA, we can correct the following problems:

Dirty Pavers: Professional cleaning is a key step in brick paver restoration in Costa Mesa CA. You can trust us to select the right products for your specific needs, whether that be a simple surface cleaning or deep treatment for different kinds of stains. We also know the correct pressure and temperature to use when pressure washing your pavers.

Overgrown Pavers: Weeds growing up through the joints in your pavers can be damaging as well as unsightly. As part of our brick paver restoration in Costa Mesa CA, we clean out the joints thoroughly, then broom in new sand to fill them.

Dull Pavers: Even brand new, brick pavers can have a dull, faded look. We can use paver sealer for color enhancement and/or to give your bricks an attractive “wet” look.

More Reasons to Seal Your Pavers

We actually recommend paver sealing as the final step of every brick paver restoration in Costa Mesa CA. Why? Because sealing your pavers will help protect their newly cleaned surfaces as well as help keep the sand in the joints where it belongs. Once sealed, pavers will be less absorbent, meaning there is less risk of stains from water, oil, or chemicals. Sealing will also help keep dirt from getting ground into the pores, making the pavers easier to keep clean. And don’t forget, applying a sealant will also protect your bricks against abrasion damage.

Whether you want to seal for color enhancement or prefer an invisible sealant for protection, we can help you pick the right product. We use a pump to apply sealer to make sure you get even coverage and a good bond.

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