Anaheim Hills CA

Sandwiched between the 55 freeway and the Cleveland National Forest, the community of Anaheim Hills CA is known as a pleasant place to live. Most of Anaheim Hills CA was built in the 1970s, when a local rancher sold off a big piece of land in the foothills and 7,000 homes were built. Anaheim Hills CA still has a bit of a rural feel thanks to its large lots and the presence of hiking trails. It is also known for its golf course. If you own a property in Anaheim Hills CA, you may be wondering what you can do to maintain the curb appeal and attractiveness of your pavers. The answer is simple: call Fuller Paver Sealing. We offer professional paver sealing to protect and enhance new pavers as well as paver cleaning and paver restoration services to refresh old pavers. We use only the best products and techniques and we offer a one year quality guarantee on our work.

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